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About Us

Leah Searles, Founder of Bold Furnishings

Hey there! My name is Leah! As far back as I can remember, I’ve loved home decor.  I have early memories of watching my mom create beauty with the use of her sewing machine. I was always amazed by how the things she’d whip up. Dresses, table clothes, curtains....watching her made me take notice of beauty around me, it helped me to understand colors & hues. While others wanted toys, I wanted a new paint color for my bedroom. I grew up in a house with 5 sisters, but it was me that she would ask to create a table settings for guests, me that she’d take to the wallpaper store. That cemented my love even stronger. The love of interiors gradually moved me to pay more attention to shapes. There’s no such thing as just a 90” couch. The shape makes or breaks the space.  I’m the proud owner of Bold Furnishings a online furniture store that offers luxury furniture accessories at affordable pricing. I truly believe that a home (whether yours or one for sale) should be beautiful. Function is an important part, but don’t stop until it’s beautiful.

Bold Furnishings founder, Leah Searles

About Bold Furnishings

Luxury should be affordable. That’s what we believe at Bold Furnishings, therefore we offer high quality, stylish furnishings at affordable pricing. Art is more than  something you place on a wall. We embrace art by way of finishes, fabrics, and textures while celebrating the beauty of modern, luxe and glamorous furnishings. We want to make it easy for you to love where you live.